Eco Herd Management System

The size of the establishments has substantially increased. This has brought proper management and monitoring of the herd. The herd management program has become the best assistant of our farmers in these issues.

The herd management system gathers the acquired information and reports it to the user.

This opens a path for the right decision making about the herd.

The success of the Eco Herd management system is based on 4 key factors.

Rut Detection - Health and Welfare Monitoring - Fodder Behavior Analysis - Birth Alarm and Advanced Milking Control

Rut Detection

The time and duration of the rut period could be ascertained in optimal sensitivity by monitoring and analyzing the activity of the cattle.

In the end, the Eco Herd Management system accurately determines the optimal breeding time, which significantly increases pregnancy and pregnancy rates.

Cow's ability to express its natural rut can be hindered by some variable factors, such as cow's health, productivity performance, and the environment. It is known that high yield, lameness, metabolic disorders, and any other health problems, heat stress, social stress, and barn-type have a direct effect on the cow's ability to exhibit typical rut behavior. Advanced data analysis of a high-sensitive Eco Herd management system detects the rutting behavior of the animal despite these limitations.

Miscarry Alert System

Miscarries can cause a significant financial loss to the establishment so early detection is key to minimize these losses. Constant monitoring of the activity of a pregnant cow is essential for a healthy pregnancy. Detecting pregnancy as early as possible will prevent major financial losses. The Eco Herd management system analyzes the movements of cows during pregnancy and provides information.

Heifer Monitoring

Heifer Monitoring may be able to provide information about whether the heifers are in the rut period, its intensity analysis, size, height and physical data of the reproductive organs. So we can know whether heifers are ready for pregnancy or not. This allows heifers to enter the productive cycle earlier and reduce their conceptual age. Early breeding of heifers and reduced breeding age reduces the time and costs spent until the animal becomes fertile.

Detection of Cystic Activity

The Eco Herd management system detects cows with cyst activity. This may be an important cause of infertility.

Early diagnosis reduces cows’ off days as a treatment before effective insemination/breeding of the cow is a requirement.

One of the advantages of continuously monitoring the behavior of cows is that the system identifies cows that exhibit irregular rut cycles.

These irregularities may indicate cystic ovaries.

Early detection of this condition helps to reduce the cows’ off days and at the same time reduce the costs caused by ineffective insemination/breeding.

Health and Comfort Monitoring

The health and comfort of the herd is an essential concern for dairies since these factors directly affect the effectiveness of the establishment. Problems such as hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, injury, sickness, fear and distress do not allow the cow to fully realize its productive potential. To reach that productive potential these problems must be solved so we can be sure that cows are healthy and in comfort; Monitoring and decision-making tools of the Eco Herd management system is revolutionary. It optimizes the performance of the herd. The system is constantly analyzing cow behavior models to accurately diagnose health and comfort issues. It provides not only detection and early intervention but also foresight and prevention.

Eco Herd management system reduces response time and health costs by using a set of indicators that provide early detection of cases such as mastitis, lameness, digestion, and metabolic disorders. Besides the system prevents milk production loss. This proactive approach maximizes the cattle’s productive potential and increases the productivity of the enterprise by transforming its needs into alerts.

Fodder Behavior Analysis

Feeding is one of the most essential behaviors.

It provides valuable information about the health and well-being of the cattle and its efficiency as a productive animal. Any adverse event such as lameness, metabolic disorders or pneumonia immediately affects the feeding mechanism of the cow. It is very important to monitor and analyze milking days of the cow, feed duration and number of visits to the feed path. When doing this monitoring process herd data should be taken into consideration. This improves feed management and gives a productivity index. The feed behavior monitoring system enables real-time decision-making. Also, problems will be solved immediately and there will be less loss of production.

A critical time is saved thanks to the system’s unique approach to monitoring feeding behavior since it provides early warning data.

Birth Alarm

Eco herd management system has the world’s first and most accurate calving warning.

This alert has been developed to shorten the response time to assist cows in high-risk situations.

The early warning has many advantages. Professional team of the farm to respond in real-time. Thus inconvenient problems are eliminated.

Thanks to this warning, early preparation of the calving section is completed and the cow is brought to this area in time. The result is a comfortable birth.

Advanced Milking Control

ENGS Free Flow technology records each cow's individual data in the parlor, including milk flow rate, milk quantity, temperature and electrical conductivity (mastitis data). The data is then transferred to the herd management program. This allows the farmer to make vital decisions about the health and productivity of the cow.

Milk flows freely and regularly thanks to our innovative Free Flow technology. Thus it prevents mastitis.

Minimizes maintenance costs with a milk meter system which does not have any moving parts.

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