About Us

MOST is a partner of the greatest designer producer and supplier companies of increasingly demanded systems such as automatic milking systems, herd management programs, milk cooling tanks, fodder mixer, and distributer wagons and manure scraper systems.
MOST completed its structure with FULLWOOD PACKO which has superior quality and success in milking systems and milk cooling tanks, FARESIN which is the leader in fodder mixer and distributor trailers and JOZ which has promising manure management products.
Fullwood_Packo: It has over 130 years of successful history in the manufacture of automatic milking systems and milk cooling tanks, pioneering the industry with a wide product range from over 70 countries worldwide.
Faresin: It uses the European Union steel standard ST52 for fodder mixing and distribution wagons. That is why their products are very durable and long-lasting. The excellence of the well-known Italian designs as a result of its research and development studies has made Faresin a leader.
Joz: Joz has a wide product range for permanent solutions to the requirements of farms in manure management. It is active in this field for 50 years. Joz produces the best solutions for farms in 24 different countries. That is why there is a great demand for Joz Manure Scraper Systems. In the Netherlands, one out of two farms chooses Joz Manure Scraper Systems.
These companies selected the most convenient, trouble-free and latest technology products for Turkish farmers through delicate research. Most Modern Süt Teknolojileri A.Ş. will provide service for these delicate products of these companies with a quality concept that is 
long waited in Turkey.

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