Packo Cooling System

Fullwood Packo has been designing and manufacturing milk cooling tanks since 1960. Another production item is milk processing pasteurization machines.

Thoroughly customized solutions

Efficient milk cooling and storage are essential to protect your milk's quality. All cooling systems produced by Fullwood Packo can be customized to meet your farm's special requirements.

Fullwood Packo provides ideal safe and efficient cooling and storage solutions for your raw milk. Its wide product range could meet all size establishments from family business dairy farms to mega-farms and milk storage hubs.

If you are seeking a more traditional approach, our direct expansion tanks are the ideal solution for fast, efficient and trouble-free cooling and storage of milk.

We solely use the highest quality stainless steel when manufacturing our cooling tanks. They can be modified to suit any milking program.

During direct expansion, the milk is cooled when in direct contact with an evaporator.

The economic structure includes a laser-welded, multi-injection evaporator to provide rapid, efficient and trouble-free milk cooling.

Optimum heat exchange is achieved through free evaporation and good mixing of the milk.

This ensures high-performance cooling and freezing prevention, even with the smallest amounts of milk.

Standard Features
    The laser-welded, multi-injection evaporator guarantees fast, efficient and trouble-free cooling of the milk. The refrigerant uses the entire surface of the evaporator to ensure optimal heat exchange. The cooling capacity is adapted to the milking regime, ie conventional milking, robotic milking, seasonal fluctuations, etc. A very economical milk cooling process achieved when it is combined with the Eco-cool® cooling unit.
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