Joz Manure Management System and Fodder Robot

Joz-Tech Manure Robot

The animal-friendly, noiseless Joz-Tech manure robot provides sensitive cleaning of the manure remnants in the barn at a controlled speed. The robot uses patented sensor technology. As a result, Joz-Tech is very reliable even between cattle and in overcrowded barns. Its high maneuverability allows Joz-Tech to rotate around its axis. In other words, this robot can clean even the narrowest manure paths and crossways. One of Joz-Tech's major advantages is that the floor is completely free of obstacles such as guideways, scrapers, pulleys, and chains. Joz-Tech leaves no manure residue on the manure paths thanks to its unique operating system.

Manure Scrapers

Joz has a very wide product range in terms of manure scrappers. Multiple types of scrappers for all kinds of animals (dairy cattle, livestock, pigs, chickens, ducks or horses) and barn structures.

We produce scrapers for every conceivable combination such as liquid manure, solid manure, and sandy manure on the grilled floors or sealing floors.

Moov Pro Fodder Pusher Robot

Moov Pro fodder pusher robot is a fully automatic robot for cattle farms. It takes the stage after the fodder trailer’s delivery. Thanks to our robot animals can reach the fodder easily.

Moov Pro can be programmed aligned with your feeding schedule.

Moov Pro can park outside of the barn and does not occupy space during the fodder distribution.

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