Parallel Fast Output Milking System

Fast Evacuation Systems Designed for High Efficiency

Our parallel systems are ergonomically designed to help you achieve high and fast yields, fast cattle traffic and optimum performance of your milking equipment.

The result is fast, high yield and efficient milking.

A Solution for Each Scenario

The Index 90 model provides a uniquely flexible individual free stalls and perfect posture for each animal type. System backup through dual system installation. This is also an essential continuation of milking.

Standard Features
    High yield by reducing total milking time Individual cattle stalls to ensure optimal udder position 90-degree cattle positioning for perfect udder position Sequential doors to accelerating entry of the cattle Large exit area for fast cattle scatter
Optional Features
    Stainless steel border plate Stainless steel cleaning channel with manure tray Telescopic doors for easy entrance Optional Cleanline system (all enclosed stainless steel cabinets to accommodate all milking equipment and improve the whole milking routine)
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