Ovine Milking System

As a direct result of increasing customer demand for goat and sheep milk and products worldwide, Fullwood Packo has developed a range of special milking systems for these animals.

We have the know-how and expertise to develop the ideal solutions such as Parallel Fast Output Milking System and large rotary systems designed specifically for large amounts of animal flow for your goat or sheep farm.

The milking parlor is critical for goat farms that produce large quantities of milk.

Our systems have many optional features that are designed to provide optimum efficiency and performance in large volume milkings such as herd pusher door, milk measuring system and udder spraying systems.

Our automatic rotary system offers the first-class solution even for the largest goat operations.

An operator can milk up to 1000 animals per hour thanks to Fullwood Packo rotary milking system.

Standard Features
    A wide range of options for large or small herds (between 100 and 1200 animals per hour) Special system components designed for goats and sheep Pusher Door option Integrated weighing and sorting systems High-performance rotary milking platforms designed to optimize ergonomic productivity
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