Herringbone Milking Parlor

Solid and Durable Design

Our Herringbone Milking Parlor Systems are popular with farmers around the world thanks to their strong chassis flexible design.

Efficient Milking

It provides efficient and stress-free milking for your business thanks to its easy input and output.

Comfort and Safety

The larger, shorter milking pit provides a comfortable environment for employees. Provides maximum operator safety with dirt holding and border plate. Herringbone Milking Parlor is convenient for every farmer and herd with its extraordinary cow comfort and perfect udder position.

Standard Features
    System options suitable for farmers and herd Fast cow entry and exit Perfect udder position Fast Milking Cleanline system for less cleaning time and more hygiene in the parlor
Optional Features
    Expandable system capability Ergonomic stalls Maximum operator safety Pusher Door option Optional Cleanline system (all enclosed stainless steel cabinets to accommodate all milking equipment and improve the whole milking routine)
Technical Documents
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