Most Alkali

The alkali cleaning agent is used for daily cleaning of heavy oil and protein residues which are formed as a result of various processes in the food industry, cleaning of milking systems and cooling tanks. It is foam controlled and easy to rinse. Instructions:

Pre-wash the drained system with normal water at 40-45°C. Then, according to the amount of pollution and water hardness add 0.5-2% Most Alkaline cleaning agent to the hot water tank (70-80°C in summer). Circulate for about 10-15 minutes. Keep it up at 50°C above the water temperature during the circulation. There should be no washing water residue on the milking heads. Drain the washing water. Rinse the equipment with clean cold water.

Chemical Composition:

6% +/- Sodium Hydroxide

5 -15% Chlorine based bleach

<5% Phosphonate

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